Puckster’s First Hockey Tryout Puckster Goes to the Olympics Big Air Becoming Indigo Forward Pass Puckster’s First Hockey Tournament Puckster’s New Hockey Teammate One Cycle Through Indigo’s Eyes Rookie Vegas Tryout Puckster?s First Hockey Game Puckster?s First Hockey Sweater The Next Ones: Hockey's Future Stars Winning Gold: Canada's incredible 2002 Olympic victory in women's hockey Interference Roughing Against The Boards Delaying the Game Northern Star Too Many Men Cross-Check! Holding Pink Power: The First Women's Hockey World Champions Fighting for Gold: The Story of Canada's Sledge Hockey Paralympic Gold H.E.A.R.T (Hockey Canada) Dominant Dany Heatley Home Ice: Hockey Canada's 2010 Roster See Fox Run

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Lorna Schultz Nicholson grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, and as a child loved to read and write. But then athletics took over and she put it all aside to be a jock. She even went so far as to get her B Sc. in Human Performance from the University of Victoria. With her degree, she worked as the Fitness and Recreation Co-ordinator at UVic where she also coached rowing.

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Check out Hoop Dreams!

The sixth book in the Podium Sports Academy Series.


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I write a lot of reluctant reader YA books, otherwise known as hi/lo books.  My YA Podium Sports series here on Goodreads (Rookie, Vegas Tryout, One Cycle, Forward Pass, Big Air and Hoop Dreams) are in the hi/lo category of books.  These books are high concept and low vocabulary.  So teens, who don’t like reading, might [...]

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